Sunday, January 1, 2012


So here it is. My first blog post of 2012.  You may be wondering what kind of elegant shin-dig we attended for our first Parisian New Year's Eve.  To that I say, Bananagrams and champagne is a totally legit New Years Eve activity.  Baby Oil went to sleep, and a good friend, who we will call The Crazy-Haired Shochet, is visiting from Israel for the weekend.  The three of us ate, drank, and played. It was super chill, and really nice. 

I will have a couple posts about our fantastic trip to Portugal - sneak preview, the first post is titled, "Welcome to Portugal - You Suck As Parents."  Get excited.  But I did want to engage in the time-honored tradition of recounting just some of the many truly wonderful things that we experienced in 2011. 

Baby Oil was born. We bought a house. Mr. Oil was offered a job in Paris. We moved away from our neighborhood of 7 years to the suburbs. We moved to Paris.  We went to Akron, San Diego, Chicago, Strasbourg, Chicago (again), Loire Valley, Normandy, Lyon, and Portugal.  We attended The Professor's Bar Mitzvah. My sister became pregnant with Baby Oil's very first first cousin.  We attended Uncle Oil's wedding.  We missed the weddings of one of our very favorite cousins (see you in Feb!) and of some of our very closest friends (we miss you N & J!).  Baby Oil's grandparents and great-grandparents learned to Skype with us. I discovered butter, and macarons, and french onion soup, and blogging.

2011 was a full, busy, and incredible year for us.  I still have no real idea what I'll be doing in France in 2012 but I feel confident that it will be memorable. Or at least blog-worthy.

Happy New Year!