Saturday, July 6, 2013

No Regrets

I wouldn't change a single thing about the last two years.

There were days when all I wanted was to go "home" but even more days when I reveled in all that was magical about this city.  There were days when I was so tired I dreamed about a brief hospitalization for a non-threatening illness but even more days when I felt so grateful to be parenting in this sophisticated place.

I could make a series of lists.  Lists of the countries we visited, the regions of France we explored, the wines we drank, the pastries we sampled, the museums we toured. But lists don't capture a life. Tonight my closest friend here made the point that back in the US, I will likely feel the way we used to feel coming home from summer camp.  That sense of being back home, but missing your alternate universe.  That feeling of everything around you being the same, but maybe you yourself are different. 

Paris has been a magnificent teacher. She has taught me about love, friendship, children, courage, trust, confidence, ballet flats, bread, rain, humor, and patience.   I am leaving this place feeling the most myself I have ever felt.  That is a gift to cherish.

Tomorrow I will get on a plane back to the US - just me, two kids, two car seats, two strollers, two travel cots, four suitcases, and four carry-on bags.  A week later I will meet Mr. Oil in New York, sans children, to start our apartment hunt in Brooklyn.  I can't quite wrap my head around the idea that we aren't coming back to Paris.

I have no regrets about how we've lived the past two years.  We are so, so lucky.  

Max, July 2011
Villandry, Loire Valley, September 2011
Parc aux Buttes Chaumont, Paris 19eme, September 2011
Portugal, December 2011
Versailles, April 2012
Italy, May 2012
London, October 2012
Paris swimming pool, December 2012
8 months pregnant in Burgundy, December 2012
Nava Sylvie, born January 23 in Paris
Nava, March 2013
Giverny, May 2013
San Sebastian, Spain, May 2013
Scotland, June 2013
Nava in Parc Monceau, last day in Paris, July 6 2013
Max in Parc Monceau, last day in Paris, July 6 2013
Last day in Paris, July 6 2013


  1. And I am so lucky to have such an amazing wife who agreed to live here and leave the comforts of home: our friends and family, native english speakers, and even a new townhouse. I love you so much and am so proud of all that we accomplished while we've been here.

  2. Mr. and Mrs. ComputerJuly 7, 2013 at 4:16 AM

    Your NY family is anxiously awaiting your arrival and looking forward to sharing in your next adventures! Safe travels!

  3. You have a beautiful family. Your children are adorable. Please keep on blogging. I look forward to hearing about your adventures in New York.

  4. I have loved following you these past 2 years. Your gift of telling stories is so special. Keep up with the writing!!!

  5. Awww, good luck, guys! I have no doubt life will be an incredible journey in New York, too.