Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Parisian Perspectives #2

Baby Oil and I are safely ensconced in the land of bagels, minivans, and Target.  I spent quite a bit of time on the flight trying to teach Baby Oil the word "non-stop" - as in, "Mommy should have booked a non-stop flight instead of adding an extra 4 hours to the trip with a layover to save money."  Baby Oil continued his streak as best baby traveler ever, but I thought I was solely losing my mind on the 8 and a half hour flight from Paris to Charlotte.  It went a little like this.

Me:  Okay, check the time. Five hours and fourteen minutes to go.
Read a book to Baby Oil, walk around the airplane. Let Baby Oil smash Cheerios into the carpet.
Me: Okay, it's been a while. Let's check the time again. Five hours and six minutes to go.  OMG.
Give Baby Oil some baguette. Read him a book. Walk around the airplane. Walk around the airplane again. Change Baby Oil's diaper. Try to get Baby Oil to watch a movie with no sound. Consider other options - there are none.
Me: Okay, that was good. Definitely longer. Check the time again. Four hours and fifty-five minutes to go. OMG *$#%!*@%*!!!!

Meanwhile, Baby Oil seems to believe that people in America get up at 4am.  I don't agree, of course, but it seems I'm really not in charge here. 

For the second installment in the Parisian Perspectives series (otherwise known as "I'm on vacation"), we meet an American girl who lives in the 11th.  She's married, no kids, and has been here less than three years.

Grand magasin of choice? Bon Marche
Inside the Bon Marche
French luxury brand of choice? Hermes
Favorite perfume? Creed Fleurissimo
Favorite place to visit in France, outside of Paris? Loire Valley
Villandry, in the Loire
Favorite place to visit in Europe, outside of France? Germany and Turkey
Favorite Paris museum? Musee de l'Orangerie. I don't get overwhelmed and Monet's paintings never get old.
Favorite Sunday afternoon activity in Paris? Brunch and a walk. Unfortunately this rarely happens, but when it does we love going to Sur un Petit Velo (82 Avenue Parmentier  75011 Paris) and then taking a stroll around the neighborhood.
Favorite places to buy gifts for folks who don't live in France? Les Paris Gourmands (15 rue Archives) for treats both sweet and savory. E. Dehillerin for fun, quality cookware.
E. Dehillerin
Favorite dinner spot? My favorite dinner spot for a true French meal is Restaurant Astier. For just a regular ol' dinner out I love Le Pearl, which happens to be right next to Astier.
Where do you get the best baguette in Paris? Comptoir Gana on rue Oberkampf (they are also incredibly friendly!)
Favorite French dessert? Mont Blanc
This is a Mont Blanc.
Favorite French cheese? Cantal
Three words that describe Paris? Moody. Monotone. Mouthwatering.