Sunday, February 5, 2012

Parisian Perspectives

I'm about to head back to the US for a few weeks, spending time both in Virginia/DC and sunny Florida.  But I didn't want to neglect the blog while away,  so I'm launching a new feature called Parisian Perspectives.  I've always loved the back page of Vanity Fair magazine, where they interview someone notable with a series of questions resulting in short answers.  On this blog, I keep everything anonymous (yeah, I know, its a little unclear why, but roll with it).  So I sent a survey to some friends and acquaintances so that while I'm out of Paris, I can share a little window into the lives of fellow expats living the Parisian life.

Our first Parisian Perspective is a British mum of two living in the 17th arrondissement. Yes, I intentionally wrote "mum".  Because that's what she is.

Grand Magasin of choice? Printemps
French luxury brand of choice? Dior
Favorite Sunday afternoon activity in Paris? Jardin du Luxembourg OR Jardin d'Acclimitation OR Jardin des Plantes OR eating falafel on Rue des Rosiers
Jardin du Luxembourg
Favorite dinner spot in Paris? La Fille du Boucher
What color represents Paris to you? I want to say gray...but that's not fair...
Where do you get the best baguette in Paris? A boulangerie on Boulevard des Batignolles...don't know the name
What's your favorite perfume? Issey Miyake or Jo Malone

Jo Malone fragrances
Favorite place to visit in France, outside of Paris? Dionay - rolling hills - my sister's in-laws live there and my sister is building a house over the hill from them.  Also, Gedre - stunning mountain area on the border with Spain.  Went there last summer, going again this year.
Favorite place to visit in Europe, outside of France? Home = London;  Lake District - northeast England - very beautiful, good for hiking. Italy has some great fact everywhere does really...
Favorite French cheese? Brie
Favorite Paris museum? Musee D'Orsay or Rodin. They're both comfortable, easy to look at things, sit down and relax on the way round. Rodin is a quick fix.
Favorite indoor activity with kids? Cite des Enfants, or a musee in the Petit Palais, a sort of natural history museum...
Favorite French pastry? Croissant au beurre, plain and simple

Three words that describe Paris? Rushed. Outnumbered. Culture.

A little taste of Paris from someone other than me.  I am happy to report that I'm leaving Paris on a high note - today we hosted a brunch for a few friends, including an American friend and her French husband.  This was really our first time entertaining an actual French person (yes, a real live French person! In France! Imagine that!) and the best possible thing happened - he took a bite of the fresh baguette from our favorite boulangerie and said, "This is excellent bread!"  This felt like a blue ribbon, or a gold star, or a French high five. Go us.